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Team building





The idea of Shambala was reflected in many cultures starting from Tantric manuscripts and till the Reich’s occult philosophy. The latter considered it to be the Golden Grail of Knowledge. Now YOU may try to solve the mystery of Tibetian Atlantis! Übermensch quest’s prehistory.

Minimum age: ≥8 years old with parents, ≥14 without them.

Liivalaia tee 40/181
60 minutes

A famous and gorgeous multitask quest for You and your friends. Continuation of smashing franchise sequel from creators of “New Folder” and “New Folder (2)”! A frantic quest full of chaos — “New Folder (3)”! Brace yourself and sort it out at last!
Test yourself in “New Folder (3)” today and finally give it a name!

Liivalaia tee 40/181
60 minutes

Czech Republic, 1991. A small private kindergarten in the southern part of Karlovy Vary draws public attention as several of its teachers disappear under mysterious circumstances. Local police office could not figure out anything, so the case was handed to YOU, ‘ the Strange things’, a group of people specializing in tangled and complicated affairs. Children’s fantasies — a screaming horror!

Liivalaia tee 40/181
60 minutes

Übermensch (Overhuman) – a creature who by dominance should surpass a modern man as much as the latter surpassed an ape. Human is something that must be surpassed. What have you done to surpass him!? Shambala quest’s sequel.

Minimum age: ≥8 years old with parents, ≥14 without them.

Liivalaia tee 40/181
60 minutes



A quest in reality is a game which does not require any special skills or knowledge. A team from 2 to 6 persons is required for participation. The game is limited in time, lasting for 60 minutes. The administrator always checks the game process, having the right to stop the game at any time if he or she considers that the players behaved inappropriately. However, nothing like that will happen if you try to observe a few simple rules.

No alcohol

Players under alcoholic or drug intoxication are not allowed to participate in the game. Do not use brute physical force. Our quests do not require use of brute force. If you cannot enter any place at a certain time, you should direct your efforts to thinking why the place in inaccessible and how to get there.


A quest is a fairly complex puzzle. If you get stuck at some stage, feel free to ask for help. The administrator is monitoring your game, can hear you perfectly, and will always be ready to correct the course of your thoughts.

Arrive on Time

If you hate being kept waiting – do not be late yourself. Our quest games are booked in advance. Another team will play right after yours. Therefore, if you are more than 5 mi nutes late, we will be forced to refuse to conduct your game.

You must leave any things that can hinder your full immersion in the game (telephones, photo cameras, lighters, lights, knives, pistols…) outside the quest. The administrator will show you where you can put your things so that they can be completely safe.

  • Events organization

    Birthday, bachelorette party or bachelor party, corporate party, team building

  • Discount on your Birtday

    Every person has a discount on one's Birthday!

  • Partnership

    Do you want to open your own quest location or update an already existing one? Great! We do not offer franchises, we offer cooperation.