Do you want to open your own quest location or update an already existing one? Great! We do not offer franchises, we offer cooperation.

The best offer for today, all you will have to worry about is a worthy quest:
Enjoy gaming together with us under one roof. A ready website with a booking system, ready reception, zone for events and waiting. A few rooms are now available for building of quests of the second generation and higher.
AD: We are looking for administrators!
It’s better to open one quest together with other organisers under one banner, with everybody interested in the general success, having 6+ quests at one location, not losing resources and time on preparation of the rooms for general use and the website, and not launching a new brand in the market… why open 1 or two 2 quests in a hurry, paying for rent of additional rooms for the future and additionally paying 10-15% of the income to foreign franchisers?
Do not rush into buying plots or into writing your own ones after passing three games. We have what to choose from. We are interested in offering you the best in order to raise reputation of the entire location. You have already received enough information to get in touch with us and discuss all conditions, but if you want to find out more…
The staff of IMAGINARIS boasts wide and diverse experience in creation of quests in reality, the so-called “escape rooms”. Our quests successfully run as in Russia, so in Europe.

1. Building of ready-to-use quests.
If you are located in Tallinn, we can engage our specialists at all stages of the new project – selection of the room, development of the plot, performance of building works, preparation of decorations, puzzles, moving objects, electrical and technical support, adjustment, tests and the launch.

2. Plot development
A high-quality plot is a rare feature, and not only in the field of interactive games. Such quality has always been and will remain a serious argument in favour of any game project. Every new quest plot created by the staff of IMAGINARIS is a serious work on dramatic composition, the concept of the plot and images of the quest, detailed development of the game mechanics and thorough selection of the props.

3. Electronics, operating systems, software.
All game projects of the staff of IMAGINARIS are at least second generation projects. No UV-lamps, locks and keys – only automation and electronics of the industrial level. Quests are operated only via a program on a computer or tablet. The program shell includes built-in logistics, tariffication, fire alarm. The software is constantly updated and complemented with necessary actual applications. We will provide you with the most competent assistance regarding any questions.

4. Puzzles.
We develop original, unconventional game objects, both on mechanical or electronic base. According to your technical assignment we will create a unique game for your quest.